Welcome to the children’s room of the Centerville Public Library.

Our goal is to be a resource for families in our community for both enjoyment and education. Our children’s section offers our youngest patrons a variety of choices such as board books, early readers, pictures books and oversized picture books, holiday collections, book kits (book and accompanying plush toy), biographies, fiction and non-fiction chapter books, graphic novels, and magazines. We also offering multi-lingual books and DVDs, books with accompanying audio version, music CDs, audio books, and a variety of DVDs.

We provide plenty of resources for our parents as well. The topics of our parenting books range from setting limits and navigating divorce to dealing with allergies and fun activities to do as a family. We also offer picture books on important topics such as bullying, cheating, and death in the family.

Our friendly atmosphere encourages parents and caregivers to relax, read, play, and learn with their children during their library visit. The center of our children’s section is filled with a variety of manipulates and plush animals as well as a train set, dollhouse, drawing table, crafts, and games. There are also plenty of comfy quiet spots to share a book with a child.

Our library is dedicated to fostering a love of reading and a love of learning. We look forward to your next visit.


Centerville Library
Pre-School Story Hour
2018 – 2019

Our pre-school story hour meets on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00.  The cost is $30.00 for the entire school year.  This program includes circle time, book reading, a craft activity, fine and gross motor development activities and a snack.  Each story hour features a specific topic or theme.  The craft activities are designed to help children learn fine motor skills, cooperation, and following instructions.  During the music and movement part of the program, children will be exposed to parachute play, scarves, musical instruments, obstacle courses, a variety of music, and balancing activities.  These are all designed to help develop skills such as following instructions, memory, balance, and cooperation.  At the end of each story hour, parents receive a newsletter that outlines the topic, activities and songs, books read along with questions to ask their child about the books, and the craft activity of the day.  Also included are enrichment pages that reinforce the topic of the day.
The MSPCA Little Bookworm Program also visits our story hour once a month.  During this time, they share an animal up for adoption and provide a little information about this animal and their care.

Centerville Public Library
2018 Summer
Reading Program


What is the Summer Reading Incentive Program?

Every summer, school-aged children are encouraged to read during the summer months to retain important skills acquired during the school year. Incentive programs in local libraries help children stay motivated with their reading while on summer vacation. Our library offers the summer reading program to children of all ages – infants to young adult.
What are we doing this year?

For the Summer Reading Program, the Centerville Public Library will be providing an incentive program to benefit Heifer International. For over 70 years, Heifer International has helped more than 25 million families overcome both hunger and poverty. 
How does Heifer International do this? 

Through donations, Heifer International is able to purchase and distribute farm animals such as goats, chickens, bees, pigs, llamas and water buffalo to needy families. These animals not only provide food but also a livelihood for the families. For example, a family can eat the eggs of a chicken but also sell the eggs to make an income.
How can you help?

All you need to do is read! First, sign up for our summer reading program. Second, log the hours that you read, have someone read to you, or listen to an audiobook. Third, when you reach 15 hours, come into the library and document your reading on our progress chart. When every child that has signed up for the summer reading program reaches 15 hours of reading, a donation will be made to Heifer International. A needy family will receive a goat, a swarm of honey bees, and a brood of chickens.

Registration and detailed information about Heifer International, the reading incentive program, and school reading lists are available at the Centerville Library or on the website at www.centervillelibrary.org.


New Music The Entire Family Will Enjoy!




New Non-Fiction For Young Readers!

The Learning Ladders series is designed to reinforce reading skills and enlarge children's vocabulary while introducing nonfiction topics.  Text appears in large, clear type and is carefully worded for a young audience.  The concepts are supported by illustrations and photographs.  The volumes also introduce text features found in textbooks and reference materials, such as a simple table of contents, a resource list for further reading, and an index.  Puzzle pages, fun facts, and true/false quizzes appear at the end of each volume.



New Non-Fiction For Advance Readers!
In collaboration with NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, World Book has created Out of This World -- an exclusive series where kids with advanced reading skills can explore the next frontiers of space.  Discover alien caves, hitchhike to asteroids, and much more in this easy-to-read series about complex space science topics.  Stunning imagery and interactive activities complete these books that will entice and challenge readers of all ages.  The Out of This World series features new NASA projects to develop bold new advances in space technology.  
The best feature about these books is the information they share about a NASA scientist and the work they are doing.  For example, the book Robot Explorers features personal information about the engineer Robert Peck.  He shares his introduction to sciece at a young age and what prompted him to explore this field.







Literacy Enrichment Kits
Now Available to Check Out

Literacy Enrichment Kits are designed to enhance your child's reading experience by using a variety of books, games, activities, stuffed animals, and suggsted activites to do at home.  The intention of these kits is to support the parent and child in exploring a particular topic together by playing games, creating artwork, taking virtual tours, conducting experiments, and playing make believe.  The following kits are now available to check out:  Fancy Nancy, Dinosaurs, Nature, Pirates, Art, Solar System, Math Beginner and Advanced, Save Our Planet, Cooking, and Magic.


Take Home Your Favorite Stuffed Animal!

Stuffed animals and puppets are now available to check out -- just like a book.  Many children find it difficult to leave their favorite stuffed animal after playtime at the library, so now they don't have to.